What Flower Represents Motherhood?

To pick the right flower this Mothers day keep in mind the color, season and meaning of the flower you pick. Get best advice on the Flower Represents Motherhood with Colonial Flowers your Millville, NJ Florist.

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Motherhood is a state of pure love and affection. A serene feeling of a mother that comes with its own set of challenges is bound to make you a new person. Something similar to this are flowers, they represent emotions, feelings both high and low. Comes with a challenge of choice, which one to go for? And definitely makes people feel brand new with their vibrance. Lets club these two together this mothers day. Head towards the best flower delivery in Millville, NJ with Colonial Flowers.

To pick the right flower this Mothers day keep in mind the color, season and meaning of the flower you pick. To help you choose here is a list-


These big, bold and beautiful flowers are the official flowers for Mothers Day. A young lady named Anne Jarvis started this tradition of Mothers Day to honor her own mother who had passed away. She distributed white carnations as they were her mother’s favorite flowers. Since then it has been followed as it is. You can give your mother white carnations which signify peace if her mother has passed away. And for whose mothers are alive for them you can pick a pink carnation as it represents cheerfulness and life.

These flowers are a reminder of love and affection towards your mother and memories of her own mother.


These flowers are a special spring edition, filled with colors and delicate petals that form a beautiful egg shaped blossom. With various shades Tulips also have a variety of meanings based on their color. A red Tulip signifies love, admiration and great affection.

Whereas a Pink one stands for true and pure affection, it would be a perfect pick for this Mother’s Day. A yellow Tulip represents cheerfulness, and joy. Pink & Yellow tulips would make a lovely bunch.


Similar to that of Tulips, Roses are an easy to find pick and can be easily located at your Millville Florist. Roses hold a notable place in traditions around the world. Like in Korea, people turning 20 celebrate ‘coming-of-age’ by exchanging roses and gifts. And in Europe they are termed to be the flower of romance. So, how is this good pick for mothers day? You can go for a pink rose which means admiration and gratitude, a good way of saying ‘I appreciate your efforts’. For a happy vibe go for a yellow rose that signifies good days and warmth.


These flowers can be seen adding their grace to every bouquet and event, what makes these flowers appropriate for mothers day? Orchid carries a deep meaning of purity, toughness and beauty. All of which are qualities mothers have. A pure heart, a resilient self and mothers all around the world are just beautiful! Don't you agree?


Lilies are an all timer, you can never go wrong with a bunch of fresh lilies. These trumpet shaped flowers are also a spring special. How to make a unique bunch this mothers day? Go for pink lilies that signify prosperity and admiration.

Mother’s Day is meant to appreciate and feel grateful for your mothers for their efforts and time. Flowers are a great way to express how you feel. This mothers day spread love and pamper your mothers.